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A Field Journal: Haunted House

A Field Journal: Haunted House.

Simone Lourenço

Simone Lourenço.

Witch’s Hat

Cheeky Magpie rocks!  She’s so incredibly generous with tutorials and patterns.  Here’s a wicked witch’s hat.

Stackable paper cone tree



Stackable paper cone tree.

Drink Umbrellas

Pretty DIY parasols! For your drinks or just because. With patterns to download.




You can make them from your own decorative papers.




Download these red, white, and blue patterns for more festive parasols.

Stacked Cone Tree


An easy tree from stacked paper cones.

Paper Roses

Paper roses from coffee filters. There’s a video tutorial too.

Paper Tree, Paper Cone

Paper trees or paper cones.  Cute!

Hanging Paper Tree

Hanging tree ornament using scrap paper from Joy of Crafting.

Magazine Trees

Magazine or junk mail trees.




Martha Stewart’s magazine trees.