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L’albero fatto con i biglietti riciclati

L’albero fatto con i biglietti riciclati.

Stackable paper cone tree



Stackable paper cone tree.

Tinsel Trees



Sparkly tinsel trees.

Stacked Cone Tree


An easy tree from stacked paper cones.

Paper Roses

Paper roses from coffee filters. There’s a video tutorial too.

Feather Trees

Lovely!  Feather trees are easy to make and can be made in different colors depending on what you want.  There’s a video tutorial to show you how it’s done.

Here’s a feather tree with a paper cone base.

Paper Tree, Paper Cone

Paper trees or paper cones.  Cute!

Hanging Paper Tree

Hanging tree ornament using scrap paper from Joy of Crafting.

Magazine Trees

Magazine or junk mail trees.




Martha Stewart’s magazine trees.

Pretty, Pretty Paper Trees

Cut paper trees with instructions and templates.