Meyer Imports, LLC

Meyer Imports, LLC.

Laughter and Lemondrops

Spring Glitterhouses.



Water Towers

Mary Fischer, 68-year-old Dripping Springs ceramics artist, whose boxy tabletop clay structures with pitched roofs have evolved over the past couple of decades into rounder, freer constructions that resemble fanciful cone-topped water towers.

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Candy Houses

Pieceful Bits: Just a spoonful of sugar.

Pieceful Bits: Sugary Sweet Overload

Pieceful Bits: Sugary Sweet Overload.

A Glittered Christmas Village

A Glittered Christmas Village.

Tangarang: Halloween Village Craft

Tangarang: Halloween Village Craft.

L’albero fatto con i biglietti riciclati

L’albero fatto con i biglietti riciclati.

A Field Journal: Haunted House

A Field Journal: Haunted House.